Why Should I Buy a JanSport Backpack

Why Should I Buy a JanSport Backpack

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JanSport sells many products besides backpacks, but their packs are probably the most popular item they sell. Many campers buy JanSport backpacks because they are very reliable and have amazing features. They also make outdoor clothing such as sweatshirts and jackets, sell luggage, laptop computer bags, book bags, and many more items.

Types of Jansport Backpacks

Jansport-Catalyst-OnNo matter what your sport is, it is guaranteed that there is one to suit you. There is the Jansport Catalyst Backpack for the weekend camping trip, to the Jansport Odyssey Backpack a great all-purpose pack. There are heaps of different styles to choose from. You can purchase an internal frame backpack or an external frame backpack. If you are choosing an internal frame backpack they are usually taller and narrower than an external frame backpack.  The backpack will keep its shape because of the aluminum, hollow pieces.

One added bonus of the backpack is that the aluminum inside of it is light weight so you don’t have to worry about it weighing down your pack. They also added an extra bar outside to help distribute the weight which will make your traveling experience more delightful. Another factor that contributes to comfort ability is the compression straps. The compression straps will help with stabilization and will eliminate the backpack from slipping on your back.

Added Bonuses of JanSport Backpacks

Almost all of them are waterproof which makes it perfect in case it starts raining while you are on a hike or camping trip. You don’t jansport-hatchet-backpack-8have to worry about your backpack ripping while hiking or camping either because they have reinforced stitching. To make your traveling more comfortable, they have adjustable torso straps and shoulder straps. They also come with padded shoulder harnesses and hip belts. If you purchase a larger pack you may get the option of being able to detach the top pocket and change it to a hip pouch which will give you easy access to all your important gear. Almost all of the JanSport backpacks have water bottle access which is easy to get to. If you are carrying larger more oddly shaped objects, there is a pocket that extends in order for you to fit all of your objects.

The backpacks usually have 4 to 7 compartments for you to put your stuff in; if you would like you can find a backpack with dividers. TheJansport-Catalyst-hip-pocket dividers will make it easier to separate your stuff such as clean and dirty clothing. You will likely also find that these packs are great to use for lugging books around campus or stowing diapers when you have a baby. No matter what you’ll be using your JanSport backpack for, you will find that they are durable quality that can get you through every use you might have for this type of bag.

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What Features Should You Look For In Hiking Boots?

What Features Should You Look For In Hiking Boots?

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You probably know that good hiking boots can make your hiking trips safer, more fun and last much longer than they would if you were wearing the wrong boots, but how do you know what to look for in boots for your hiking trips?  Do you know how to get the right fit and the most comfort from a boot?  Do you know what sort of features you should be looking for in your hiking footwear?



When you’re shopping for the right pair of hiking boots to meet your needs, all the features can get really confusing, but by looking for some basics, you might be able to simplify the search and not wind up frustrated in the process.   For instance, look at the waterproofing on the exterior of the boot.  Remember that this is your first barrier against sore an uncomfortably wet feet, so you are going to check for very waterproof hiking boots.   You might also want to look at the soles of 4the boot you’re interested in to see if it will offer you the traction you need, even on slippery surfaces.  Then look at the inside of the foot wear you’re considering to determine if your feet will sweat, if they will be comfortably cushioned or if you’ll feel as if you’re walking on rocks.

When you’re looking at all these features, you also need to try on the hiking boot to make sure that it’s a comfortable fit for you.  Use the same socks you would if you were hiking so you know exactly what boot will work and which ones will not.  Spend some time in them to make sure that you are making the right choice and if you can, check the same boots out online and see if you can’t get other customer reviews so you get a better idea of how they wear and how durable they are.

Where to Shop

This can be tricky, but if you’ve never purchased hiking boots, then you’re going to want to start shopping at a place where the sales staff know what they are talking about.  Make sure the store you’re shopping at can tell you about the features of all the boots you’re looking at and can help you to get a really good fit.  When you are shopping, it can be really hard to compare products, so let the sales staff do it for you. Once you have chosen a pair of hiking boots and you know all the pros and cons of them, you can consider shopping online to see if you can get a better deal on them.  Just make sure that you know what kind of boot you’ll be buying so that you know you’ll be getting footwear that will feel good to your feet.


Shopping for hiking boots can be tricky, but if you do it the right way, you will likely find that the process is relatively simple and even fun.  Don’t cut pennies or time on this shopping process, though, because you need to take care of your feet.  Instead, take the time to look at your hiking boots and really consider each feature and choice available to you

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What are the best camping stoves available in the market?

What are the best camping stoves available in the market?

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Find the best camping stove can be a little bit tricky if you don’t know few basic things about the eventual use of a stove. There are several questions you need to answer, that is identify the type of use it will be getting. Will you be cooking for groups or just yourself and maybe one other person? What kind of camping will you be doing- camping out of a car or backpacking on trails? Will you mainly be boiling water or using a pan/pot to cook food- do you need it to simmer or is flame control not that important? What kind of fuel is readily available by you and where you will be traveling? What time of year will you mainly be using it?

Those are the main considerations I will be thinking about when purchasing a stove. If you’re cooking for a large group, you want something a little larger to accommodate larger pots and pans, possibly even double burners, which 51JX710CsKLthey make in propane models and backpacking models. If it`s just for personal use then I`d go with something more light weight and fuel efficient. Obviously if you`re camping out of a car you can take the reliable green Coleman double burner propane stove, it’s a beast compared a stove you would take backpacking.

The type of cooking is also important will you just be boiling water to rehydrate meals/cookPrimus_stove pasta and rice or will you need to have total flame control so you can saute your stir-fry and keep the meal warm in the pan? Also what kind of fuel is available and practical for you to use? You don’t want to haul bottles of propane if you are going to be backpacking for a week, but maybe canisters aren’t readily available so you`d have to go with a white gas. Will you be mainly camping spring through fall or do you also camp in winter? Canisters are not as reliable and efficient in cold temperatures because they lose their pressure but liquid fuel is a little heavier but more reliable during those winter months.

I would stick with 4 brands- MSR, Snow Peak, Primus, and Coleman. Now some will say if you are backpacking stay away from Coleman but I was on their website the other night and they have come a long way with innovative backpacking stoves. The first 3 are top of the line brands but they also have inexpensive basic models that will more likely fit your needs.


So write down your answers to the questions and the other poster`s tips, bring it to an employee of a reputable outdoor store such as EMS, REI, or Campmor (those are the 3 major ones by me) and I am sure he can find a stove that will meet your needs. Remember you get what you pay for in both quality of product and quality of customer service should any problems arise.

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The Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest Hammock

The Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest Hammock

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Finding the best backpacking hammocks could be tricky with so many hammocks brands in the market and each claims to be the best. Every backpacker want to keep the backpack light but at the same ensure it has the essential tools. Every good hammock brand must be comfortable, light, durable, versatile and ease of use.


A hammock is a perfect choice for those wishing to spend some time close to nature but still want to be protected from pests and elements that the outdoor brings. It keeps you wrapped up in relaxing comfort and suspended from the ground out of the dirt. The Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest Hammock has a good deal of hype behind it and does not disappoint. It is compact and lightweight which makes it suitable for most nature and adventure enthusiasts. Besides that, the ENO Double Nest has other great features like durability which make it perform remarkably well in most conditions.

Features and Specifications

Being wide and long, the ENO Double Nest offers exceptional comfort. It is made out of a stretchy parachute nylon material that feels great even on your bare skin. The extra width when compared to the SingleNest makes cocooning in the hammock easier. Couples can lounge with ease and enjoy being close to one another thanks to the extra room. However, while the hammock is comfortable enough for two people to lounge in it, only one person can sleep in it for extra comfort.


While it is not recommended for two people to sleep in the Double Nest IMG_6303Hammock, this product still remains versatile. During camping and other outdoor activities, hammocks endure long lounging activities like sitting, reading and simple relaxation like watching the sun set. For these uses, the ENO hammock has a 400 pound capacity which means that it can hold a couple of adults piled onto it or even kids playing on it. This is really convenient especially if you are in areas where the grounds may be wet of inhabited with appalling crawling creatures like insects and lizards. Other than ensuring your comfort all through your outdoor activity, this versatility also provides safety to some extent.


n9FXqnLThanks to the handful of thoughtful features included in the ENO Double Nest, the product remains light without compromising on its quality or usefulness. This hammock has ultra-light aluminum carabineers and compression straps  which not only places it ahead of its competitors, but also cuts down on a great deal of unnecessary extra weight. The ENO hammock weighs only 20oz. But the weight of the hammock is great for summer use, a trip during the rainy or mosquito season will need a serious upgrade inclusive of a bug net and rain fly, which will substantially raise the hammock’s weight.

Easy Set-up

The Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Nest does not include straps or suspension but those looking forward to integrate their own set up may hardly notice the difference. There are many set up options and methods to try but you will be happy to know that it takes just a short while and follows easy procedures.  Considering its size, finding trees far enough part is slightly easy.


The seams of the ENO hammock are all triple-stitched and have a gathered-end design which gives the hammock extra strength at the points of attachment.

The Double Nest is pretty small packed in its own attached stuff sack that has dimensions of 4x4x5 inches which makes it highly portable.

It comes in a comfortable size that can hold up two adults with ease.

This hammock brand has tones of accessories available. These include slap-straps, bug nets, tarps and even speakers.

It is fast and easy to set up.

It is made from breathable, quick-drying nylon.


The nylon fabric is vulnerable to tear especially when exposed to sharp objects.

It only works great as a summer hammock as it lacks additional features to get through other seasons

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How to Plan Safe and Thrilling Backpacking Trip

How to Plan Safe and Thrilling Backpacking Trip

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Having a great adventure in the wilderness starts well before you leave your urban surroundings; planning such trip requires a significant amount of time and effort. Here are few practical tips and tricks that will make your backpacking trip fun and safe!

  1. Define Your Goals

Backpacking1The first thing that you need to do in your planning is to define the exact goals of your trip!  Simply take a blank piece of paper and write them down. If you are going backpacking, it is much easier to travel in a group, but if you do not have a group or friends for such a journey, you should consider finding some friends online. Also, place all your traveling goals on the same page and make sure that you create a brief list, and then place it in your wallet. From the other side, solo journeys can be extremely fulfilling explorations, so do not reflect that you always need to travel in a group. With that in mind, do not travel alone, unless you are not well equipped and prepared for challenges as misjudgments or accidents are usually associated with being alone in the wilds.

  1. Find a Perfect Locationbackpacking-c

Always start with an online research when you are looking for an ideal location, You may also consider image searching possibility as you would be able to see photos/images of your next trip location. It may give you valued information about locations and details in your area. Once you decided on precise location and set journey goals, it is time to learn more about specific details and location. Backpacking guides and general books are also abundant resources for tips, advice, and ideas. You may also check on any explicit regulations that may be appropriate to that zone.

  1. Plan a Route

backpacking_tipsOnce you well-defined your objectives and found your ideal backpacking journey location, it is time to plan an actual route, travel. When you are planning your route, pay special attention to physical abilities and different experience level of all the members of your backpacking group. With that in mind, simple maps can often be found in guidebooks or online; they are an excessive help when you are searching for general information about the specific region. When you start planning your trip, be sure to have an overall impression about millage for each day during the trip. You can use a simple map and outline most significant points, calculate distance and estimated the time that you would need for an entire path. From the other side, more detailed, typographical maps will give you much more facts, and they are necessary for good navigation in the wilderness. Preparing a trip that is complex may put your group in hazard; therefore, try to be concrete and truthful in your journey hopes.

  1. Start Your Backpacking Adventure

1996_Mark_1st_backpacking_tripNew travelers should plan for short days, covering 4-12 miles until they feel calm and prepared for longer trips. Depending on weather conditions and terrain, skilled backpackers can cover about 12-25 miles a day. However, the average backpacker hikes for about 3-4 miles per hour, and this info will help you to make an ideal plan your daily hiking.

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How to Find Right Backpack?

How to Find Right Backpack?

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The most significant piece of your equipment that you need on your journeys is, of course, your backpack! However, if you are not a skilled hiker, it is not easy to find the ideal backpack that will fit your specific requests without correct advice.

Your Body Type is Important

One of the biggest mistakes new backpackers make is choosing a backpack without measuring. Selecting a right backpack is directly connected with your body type; generally speaking, the two most important measures are the hip size and your torso length. Be sure that you measure it before buying a new backpack as your body length does not anything with your height. Knowing your precise torso length will help you to choose and buy the right size pack much easier, especially if you are buying from an online shop. The next important measurement is your hip size; you want to get a plenty of room for additional adjustments. A Hip strap is the most vital load bearing structure on your entire pack, so make sure it is comfortable. You may lose a couple of pounds on long trips, so make sure you have a few extra inches on your belt. Most companies will allow you to choose your hip size and your torso length separately and some even have detachable hip belts.

Option No.1 – Lightweight Backpack

If you are a practical person, a minimalist, you just want to make things lightweight and simple, then you need a$_35 similar pack – simple, with very light, small frame. Most travelers find out that those minimal, simple packs fit their needs much better than the weightier packs. Choosing a lightweight backpack is significantly depending on your distinct personal style and likings. From another hand, if you are going to be carrying heavier loads, just chose one with a larger frame, so that you can carry extra weight comfortably.  In either case, choosing the correct backpack is perhaps all about choosing the accurate size of a pack designed for your body type.

Option No.2 – Robust Frame Backpack


If you regularly carry 30 pounds or more in your backpack you need a robust frame with more options. If you still apply all instructions, in some moment you will realize that there is nothing more than you can do to make a weighty pack feel contented. It will however, help you to carry more, but do not forget – the more burden you put on your back, the more pressure will press your spine.

Whenever your inclinations might be, take some time and do your inquiry to get the ideal pack for your specific necessities. You probably have your old rucksack for years, and you know that it is the most significant part of the equipment that you can have. Most persons are thinking only about buying new packs for ease in camp. Nevertheless the bare fact is that the most of the time you will be walking on a road. With that in mind, take your time and chose an ideal and practical backpack for your next trip.

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